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Everybody's favorite genetics and genealogy game!

Grandma left behind a family tree album but some of the photos have fallen out! Using genetic clues and other tricks, can you figure out where each photo belongs?

Full version currently available for Windows PC.

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engaging 21 face genes in 2 different games
fun Genes are simplified for maximum fun
educational Mendelian inheritance with lots of dominant/recessive genes
addictive Genes are unlocked gradually as you progress through the game
easy to learn Tutorials to teach you the game and the genes
handy Try out different gene combinations in the Genetics Lab

latest news

01 Jun 2013: Release day! The full version of photoGENIX is now available.

We would love to have your feedback on the game, via the contact form.
05 Apr 2013: The latest demo version is up! Here's what's new:
26 Feb 2013: Welcome to the new site! The full version isn't ready yet, but the demo is up and running. Give it a try and let us know what you think.